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A component which converts available alternating current or direct current electrical power into a form required to operate another component or set. The item may consist of a combination of an INVERTOR, VIBRATOR; VIBRATOR, INTERRUPTER; VIBRATOR, SELF-RECTIFYING; INVERTOR, POWER, STATIC; with a transformer and rectifier(s) employing electron tubes, semiconductor diode or metallic (dry disc) type components, or the synchronized secondary contact(s) of a VIBRATOR, SELF-RECTIFYING; or may consist of electron tubes, semiconductor diode or metallic (dry disc) type rectifiers and capacitors in transformerless (alternating current-direct current type) circuits which may be of the voltage-multiplier type. The item may incorporate a FILTER, DIRECT CURRENT POWER and provisions for regulation of input and/or output voltage. Excludes battery chargers; rotating machinery types; such as motor generators and dynamotors, POWER SUPPLY, CAUTERY APPARATUS; POWER SUPPLY, ELECTRODIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS, and POWER SUPPLY, MOBILE RESPIRATOR.

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