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An electrical item (the working element of which is constructed essentially of metallic substances) which changes alternating current to direct current by the rectifying action occurring at the junction interface between a metallic conductor and a semiconductor. Excludes sets of metallic rectifiers which are not rated for rectifying capabilities but are used as suppressors. For items containing germanium or silicon, see SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE (1), DIODE; SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE SET and RECTIFIER, SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE. For a complete power supply utilizing metallic rectifiers, see POWER SUPPLY.

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Parts Hangar, Inc.
Minority & Woman Owned Small Business

9438 US Hwy 19N #311
Port Richey, FL 34668

P: 1 (727) 493-0744
F: 1 (727) 475-1406


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9438 US Hwy 19N #311 Port Richey, FL 34668

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